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i take the peach model, is so good, but i cant find the nau ghty gooma just the normal one in the set

Hey, I was pretty sure I uploaded it, but upon inspection I see it wasnt there after all. I added the file now. Thanks for the support!

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tnx, amazing!

Hello, I love the models! I downloaded the male pen holder set for my boyfriend and they're amazing! Have you also done a male set with the lingerie on? Would love to have that as well, and happy to pay!


I love your designs and have bought a few, just wanted to say that you inspired me to uploaded some old models I made for fun ages ago and even though they aren't as good as yours they've had a positive reaction, even a couple of sales!

Just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do!

Hey! thats awesome! im glad I could give ya some encouragement! hopefully it keeps you inspired to work on new fun projects as well!

Porte stylo pour seins
Je reviens une nouvelle fois vers vous. Envisagez vous de modifier la partie du torse en haut des seins. Les deux bosse sont vraiment disgracieuses on a l'impression que 2 prothèses un été collées sur des seins plus petits. Par pitié redisingnez cette partie du modele, je n'est jamais vue une poitrine comme ça. Au cas ou ça n'est pas envisageable et bien tan pis pour moi la prochaine fois je regarderais plus attentivement le modele avant d'acheter

I do not plan on modifying this model further. She's a cartoon character and that aesthetic choice was mine to make. I wont be changing it. If you don't like it, Cults 3D has a return policy you can refund your purchase with if its been less then 30 days of you purchase.
I am fortunate enough to run my own business which extends further then this content and more so just this one site. I do not have the time to change every model I make to the specifications of each individual. This is my art. If you aren't pleased with it, you are very welcome to not purchase from me.

n'arrive pas a le mettre dans le panier pour l'achat

I'm sorry if you are having issues with the cults3D you may want to contact them. I only have control over my uploads. I do not have control over the websites payment process at all.

Bonjour très bon modèle mais pour l'instant pas encore imprimer, je trouve qu'au niveau du torse en haut des seins les deux bosses sont disgracieuses et c'est pas très réaliste. Une amélioration serait la bien venue.

Excusez moi je parlais du modèle porte stylo pour seins

No, sorry. all of my files are still currently non-commercial licences.

But why ?

Firstly because its in my legal right to keep it that way. But more importantly because I sell printed copies of all my models world wide already myself on my etsy store. As this is a large part of my lively hood, it makes more sense for me to not give the rights to sell to competitors.

I see no problem, what would you charge me to design something and sell the slt. file and all the right to it, I'm looking for someone I that can deal with

Currently I'm not taking any commissions for design as I have a pretty large backlog as it is. (which is also why I havent added much here for a little while.) But on average I usually charge around $30/h (CAD). $300-1200 is a pretty average price range to buy the design with the rights depending on the concept and amount of detail that goes into it.

when I changed the layer height to .12 the top/bottom thickness turned red to 0.56 on the Cura how do I fix that?

I unfortunately dont use cura. So I'm not sure why that would be, sorry. usually the standard inputs will either calculate fine or work with out recalculating. I use simplified3D.

Hi I just downloaded the boobjob pen holder! I'm new at this could tell me the Printer siting for my Ender 3 Pro I'm using PLA filament thank you

Hey There. I do have a bit of info just two posts down on this. But condensed, I use a .4mm nozzle, .12 layer height, usually 10% infill is lots, no supports needed, extruder temp at 195-200 usually, bed around 60, most of it is default otherwise. you can print this up to .16mm layer height too. but you will really start to notice a quality drop there or higher. Hope that helps.

thank you

Hey there, I love your work! Is there any chance youd be interested in creating any femboy models? Similar enough to your tastes I would hope.


Hi there! Im glad you like my work. ^_^ That has been a consideration for sure. Ive had some issues finding time to create new designs lately but I'm hoping to have that as an option soon.

I'm new to this, meaning this is my first stl file for my first 3d printer. I just purchased your sexy lady phone holder. How do i know which one to print?

The variations in the file are all just for personal preference. Each one has a subtle difference. so pick and choose the one you like and youre good to go! If you are printing with an FDM printer I do recomend printing at .12mm layer hight with a .4mm nozzle. that should give you nice exceptable results with significantly less noticable layer lines. most of you slicers base settings should be good enough to handle the rest of the process. and that model does not require supports.

Nice design for men :)
Do you have something similar (phone stand) for the female population?

Thank you and best regards

Not yet. I do plan on making similar concepts for sure. unfortunately time has not been on my side lately. Though I do hope really soon.

ok, tell me when you do. Have nice time :)

much appreciated thank you.

Hello. I bought your Thick Ass Pen Holder and was unable to view the first three designs at all. The third and fourth versions would load into Ultimaker Cura but nothing was visible and even after scaling to the largest possible factor nothing appeared. It also said the first two files were corrupted. I am also using a Creality Ender 3 if maybe that's an issue.

Hey, I have noticed that occasionally the download gets corrupt, I would suggest trying to just re-downloading the set first to see if it was just the initial data transfer that went wrong. if you still have the same issue, please just contact me directly with the little email icon in my profile and I will happily send the files directly.

Hi, I'm looking at downloading your blowjob pencil holder, and I just realized that it costs money to download. I was wondering if I could possibly get it for free so I don't have to use money with this web site. I'm trying to keep my credit card info safe. Thanks for your understanding.

Hi there. As far as im aware Cults is a pretty safe and secure site, with the option of paypal.

But the best I can offer is a dirrect sale through email with paypal. you will have to send me an email using the little envelope icon near my profile image though.

Just wanted to ask if you take request, i would like to see if you can make you blowjob pen hold but Afro and braids. How much will it be if you are willing to make it

Hey, normally I do. But my workload is backed up quite a bit. I likely won't be free for commissions for all of 2022


I have downloaded your model and want to slice in Cura. Can you advise what settings I should use please? E.g resolution, infill, supports needed?
Thanks in advance

Hi there! I would need to know the model in question. most of my FDM printable models dont need supports though. and for layer height I frequently print them between 0.1 - 0.14mm and for the phone holders and pen holders I usually do minimum 10% infill to ensure they have a bit of weight at least.

It’s the boo job pen holder

Thanks for the settings. In cura it seems to show up under the chin and in the mouth for supports needed. I’ll try without and see how it goes. Thanks for the settings! :-)

It will likely show up as a bit of a steep angle, but almost all printers should print it fine without. ☺

Thanks, I’ll give it a try :-)

Thank you Darius_Shem!

This would make a lovely vase

Can I print and sell?

Thank you so much!

Im glad you like my models. I'm sorry to say, as of now I do not offer the rights to sell my designs at the moment. As I print and sell worldwide already myself. All STL files are for personal use only for now.

Oh no that’s a shame. I would of been happy to donate to you.

yeah Sorry. I get about 10 requests a week to sell my stuff. It likely will be an avenue I will visit as soon as I can afford to focus on just sculpting, but as of now its too great of a % of my income to offer that option just yet.

Hola,cómo estás?
Hay alguna posibilidad de que te pueda comprar el archivo pero pagándote por otro medio?
Ya he comprando por acá me cobran impuestos.

You can contact me directly via the email link in my profile. But my alternative method is with paypal, in which i have to charge slightly more because paypal takes the fees and taxes off my end. Usually 10% more.

What cad software do you use?

I use blender for all my projects.

Hi, I wanted to purchase a different product from your page but I purchased the wrong one by mistake. Is there any replacement policy?

Good day Vidit! if you click on the small "envelope" icon in my profile you can email me directly. I'll be happy to help you out.

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Hi, I have mailed you please check

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