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Hello i bought the shark z case but where is the structure fatme the one hold everything inside the shark like the spine

Hello, the backbone of the factory is made of steel or iron to support the weight of the entire PC, the rest is just a printable shell, I even uploaded the makes in the background where you can see the final result and guide you from there, if you have any further questions, don't Feel free to let me know, thank you for your understanding.

sorry i just see this you said you uploaded the makes in the background where is thas how to find it

hello my friend iv have been looking at the shark z for a long time i like it
and I want to get
but from what is see is not the same as the cooler master shar x pc case
it seems smaller and less appealing
I need to make sure if I will get the same one displayed on the cooler master website
and one more thing if it is pastel to give me discount
12 euro too much for me my father not living with us anymore
and my mother will never give me that much money

so are you willing to give it to me for a lower price
I want try to make it out of cardboard I don't have 3d printer
juts because I want to use it as a case for my Nintendo Wii
I want to become gaming consoles modders in the future?

have a good day

Hello bro, of course I can send it to you at 30% of the cost, but keep in mind that it is a model inspired by the Cooler Master one, it is not the same, there are all the pieces to print in 3d but if you want to modify something, the editable so that you can modify it to your liking in a CAD program, I'll leave you my WhatsApp number, write me there to agree on the exact moment of purchase to lower the price and for you to buy it, and sorry for the delay, I wasn't traveling I entered cults for almost half a month, I hope you also understand me, greetings...

Where is the WhatsApp number 😊

+51 923565785

saludos, queria preguntarte para que tipo de tarjeta madre creaste la base, son para las ATX-EATX-MICRO ATX o MINI ITX?, gracias de antemano.


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