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Hey! I have been working on your Levy stuff and did some things. Like deleting the inner wall to hollow out the quad cannon, deleting the thing from the flux weapon, this sort of stuff. Hollowed out some stuff. Checked everything in Meshmixer, Blender and Chitubox too. I did not put holes everywhere.
All manifold and solid.
The foot is solid, hollow, with holes and I honestly do not like my job. It is rough, but works.

Anyway. I am asking you if you would like to have the files? I am not done with everything, the torso remains to be done.

I am printing at 110% because I feel that size is more appropriate, so the files are in 110% size, because I saved that too to make it easier on me.
Hit me up if you want. Also, if you want something hollowed, cleaned up or something, hit me up also. Least I can do for the incredible work you are doing.

Glad to see you are enjoying the levy dred, and improving it. Hollowing is something that takes time to learn, but we all get there eventually. I would love to see what you've done with them. I have quite a few completed projects I still haven't posted myself. Thanks for reaching out, I think it would be awesome if you posted it yourself and showed
off your work. Good luck, and if you have any other questions please let me know, I'm always happy to help wherever I can.

Oh, I meant, I send the files in a zip or something to you and you decide if you want to do anything with it or not.
However, yes, I can post it as a remix here if that is what you prefer. So this is what I'll do. Will put a link to you as the original creator.
Good luck, man.

I have printed your Guardian armour and it turned out awesome! I'm still a bit green on doing my own supports but the ones you did came off so nicely with no detial being obscured. How do I replicate that for other models? Do you have the settings posted somewhere? Cheers and thank you!