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I need a 3d model, of a couple holding hands, the man standing and the woman on her knees looking at each other, totally naked, how much would it cost me?

can you clarify your question because i don't understand it.



Is the same stl as the original design?


Hello and thank you.
I particularly use 3 software (TinkerCAD, Sculptris and Meshmixer) cordially

Hello,you have some pretty cool designs..I am getting into the world of 3d printing but I am curious as to what modeling software you use or for the most part a good not too complicated 3d software app to use.looking for a few tips..thanks

Hi good day.
You will have time to make the 3d design of the fantastic 4 of the 1993 comic, with a special request from the invisible woman, I require you to have your bare breasts. If you have time you tell me what will be your cost to send the images. I require the STL I have fdm printers and the size if possible that is about 20 cm according to each complexion of each character.

hi i m sorry i haven't time i tri to do it but i don t know when

Hello again! Do you think you will be able to create the model I requested? I haven't heard from you in a while.

Right, with barbs and without a knot, and both a soft and an erect version of it.

I don't super have an idea of pricing; would around US$25 be a reasonable amount?

everything is feasible, not this week but surely the other. how much are you willing to pay for this?

So specifically the thing I want is a 3D model of a feline-style humanoid barbed cock. I want to create an explicit mod for the FFXIV Hrothgar species, which are lion people (https://www.destructoid.com/ul/547463-Hrothgar%20FFXIV.jpg) with a more anatomically realistic cock.

So what I'd like is both an erect and a soft/sheathed version of a cock with feline barbs. A few references of similar things are https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/naughties/barbed-dragon, https://bad-dragon.com/products/demondick, and the real-life barbs like https://pierredieregesondheid.files.wordpress.com/2019/01/1496221997241750705.jpg?w=640. So, basically, erect and soft/sheathed versions of a humanlike dick with barbs around the shaft that are smallish and similar to real-life cats/lions/felines. I already have a 3D model of balls and a sheathe but if you want to include those as well you can feel free.

Would that be at all feasible? How much would it cost, if so?

can you explain to me your idea?

Hello! Do you by any chance accept commissions?

Ce n'est pas un STL mais un OBJ. Vous l avez téléchargé et mon fichier est propre et fonctionne correctement donc pour moi le problème vient de chez vous, car vous êtes le 1er a faire une remarque donc je ne rembourse pas, car en plus rien ne me dit que vous ne l'avez pas déjà utilisé merci pour votre compréhension

I paid the pee female and i can't fix the stl!! i want my money back