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for the bague-devine The parts are scaled differently, the knee is significantly larger. What is the scaling factor and how big is the doll?

Hello! Love your stuff!
Would it be possible to do a version of "THE DOG WAS HIS MASTER" with a standing female rather than a standing male?

Thank you!

hi, I have buy the pinball2.stl file. I try to print, but there is a high layer flat that cover the pinball playfield (bumper, ecc ecc). it's an error? ty

the file is exactly as in the visuals.

have a good day.

Hello. Can you change the model slightly for me. Of course it is paid)) Can you write your mail for communication?

hello what do you want exactly?

It's just that there are public messages here, and I want to ask you to change the erotic model. I don’t know if it is possible to write such details in public messages.

except that a priori we cannot communicate in private

moreover, which model are you talking about ??

Now I understand. I'm talking about a model where a girl holds a man. And the man has a bag on his head. Could you make it so that she does not hold, but extinguishes a cigarette about man *dignity *?

Strange, but for some reason now I cannot see these models of yours, only if you enter a direct link to the model, then it opens


how much is it? and how can I then buy it from you?

it will be at the same price as the other and you will just have to wait until I do it.

Ok, I'll wait impatiently!)) Please let me know how it will be ready))

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I bought it, thank you so much. Gorgeous model!

Bonjour, comment puis-je imprimer le fichier que je viens de vous acheter car il est en format STI. Cordialement

look on google or youtube, you will find all the explanations to your questions.

I’m a big fan. You’ve really got many girls down perfect. This is why you need to redo Miley’s head and face, please. While Adriana and Scarlet are perfection Miley needs some attention.

Please do Miley Cyrus to go with Ariana. Great stuff everything prints lovely. Thanks

I printed Sasha without a glitch. What a fantastic job you’ve done. Thanks

I’m an old school wire clay sculptor. I was going to sculpt Sasha Grey. You’ve done a perfect job set the bar high. Thank you I’m a huge fan of your work. Tell me all your secrets or just keep up the spectacular work and fair pricing.

hi. i want to buy your battle droid model, but I don't need the base, ¿the archive como all together ? thanks

Hey There,

My name is Max Stein and I’m a designer in Portland, Oregon. I’m creating a fun, goofy, adult-themed book and would love to use your 3D model as part of the design for one of the pages. There are three I'm interested in using one titled, Bust, Blowjob, and Cum.

Your model will appear as part of a derivative abstract composition.

I purchased your model from CULTS-3D and see that it is copyright protected. I am reaching out to politely request for your permission to non exclusively use your design in my book. Would that be something you would be open to?

Please let me know if you’d be open to this or have any questions.

Really love your work and thanks for your time.


hi, ok u can do that!!

Take the sample file 2 and you do it with the physical of the goodness of the grandmother

si miro pero aun mo ha podido hacerlo

hola cuando puedas me haces lo mio gracias

thank you for this information.
contact cult to find out why you have this problem

hi i try to do payment for stl fil but can do answer to me error

I understand thank you

ok we give up, i have too many requests at the moment anyway.
have a good day.

Perfect i will buy all with centaur. Is there private way to contact you?

Well if you will make them in future just text me and we can sort it out :)

Oh i see do you have other place for it?

as soon as I can but not for two weeks