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Automatisiertes Mausoleum für fast tote überdimensionale interstellare Jarheads

Qualität des Makes: 5,0/5 (1 abstimmen)
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Beschreibung des Makes

Printed using a Phrozen Sonic Mini in multiple prints, using Phrozen Water Washable Grey resin. Files came unsupported, so I added them in myself.

Printed with the following settings: Bottom Exposure- 80s, Exposure Time- 2.5s

Each print came out great. The holes in the larger pieces were great for lining up the pieces when printed. I drilled the holes a little bigger and used toothpicks for pinning. The detail is great, and the scaling is pretty much spot on. 10/10 would print again.

  • Raft: Ja
  • Support: Ja

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