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Warhammer Festung der Aufopferung Würfelturm

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Took over a 3 days of printing and had a couple small issues but over all it came out great. Used Cura 4.1 as the slicer and printed the base upside down and the tower sides flat on their backs. Getting the supports off the base was a pain because of how it ended up wrapping around the ramp roof. Ended up haveing to just stab and tear away chunks of it at a time until I was able to pull it out.


Ender 5


Sunlu Gray
  • Raft: Nein
  • Auflösung: 0,2 mm
  • Temperatur: 200 ℃
  • Support: Ja
  • Infill: 10 %
  • Geschwindigkeit 80 mm/s

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