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Vampire lord in space!

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My slightly modified Vampire Lord, now in the Service of the Death Vigil, hunting down Xenos in the Name of the Emperor.

I used Meshmixer to split off the outer cloak only to glue back on after printing since there is already enough space to paint properly.
It was more difficult to first erase the original shoulder pad and then position a Deathwatch shoulder pad in place. Thank you netfabb for repairing my severely butchered .obj files!
I might modify the model further to hold a plasma pistol in the right hand, but so far I am happy with both the original model and my modifications.
Thanks to the creator, I did not have to remove the helmet-less head and printed a blood-drop Primaris helmet instead. Safety first during the hunt for the alien!

  • Auflösung: 0,05 mm

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