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Alter Kampfpanzer der Marine

Qualität des Makes: 5,0/5 (1 abstimmen)
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Beschreibung des Makes

Model will be used for showcase or as a proxy.
Prucaslicer to cut large parts, rest with Chitubox.
Printing process took about 48 Hours, depending on how you tilt parts, this could be reduced.
Probs to the designer! Looks great!

  • Auflösung: 0,04 mm

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How easy or challenging was this to format and then print?

I would rather say a little advanced. You definitly need to know how many supports you have to put and how to orient the parts. Even I didn't quite get everything right, but the results are ok. If I remember correctly, the tankt treads were a real bummer, the rest was nice to print👍