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covid Maske Mortal Kombat Skorpion 11 MK

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Beschreibung des Makes

Sliced in Cura, 23hr printing time.
Finished using a heated print finish tool to remove the supports.
Had to flatten the threads using the same and file (needle files) to create a pop fit.
Think I had problems with my y-axis at the time which didn't help. Tightened the belt since and sorted my bed levelling.
Wood filler for the rigged surface and finished with needle files and 120grit wet and dry.
Matt black acrylic undercoat and a acrylic paint job.
Silicone chin section poured around mask in a mould and then adhered after setting with silicone adhesive.
Top section lined with neoprene cut to shape to fit face (not the tidiest first go :-/)
Stuck with super glue nicely.
16mm black waistband elastic in the top holes only.


Ender 3 Pro


1.75mm black PLA
  • Raft: Nein
  • Auflösung: 1,0 mm
  • Temperatur: 210 ℃
  • Support: Ja
  • Infill: 100 %
  • Geschwindigkeit 40 mm/s

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