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Blast Eagle Transport

Qualität des Makes: 5,0/5 (4 Stimmen)
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The blast eagle transport was one of the best prints I have ever done. The level of supports it has is amazing and I had not a single misprint whatsoever.

The only quirk I had was with the docking clamps. At random, my printer decided to fuse the arm of the docking clamps. I tried to pry them open, but the part just snapped and broke. After about 6 extra prints, I had the four articulate docking clamps I needed for the model

This model has enough room to carry a vindicator with dozer blade, or even a rhino with a pintle mounted weapon.

All in all, it's a great model and beautiful make. IronMaster can be proud!

  • Raft: Ja
  • Support: Ja
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