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ANTENNA for Cyber_Rob the robot (expansion)

Qualität des Makes: 5,0/5 (4 Stimmen)
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Beschreibung des Makes

Printed this cute antenna for Cyber_Rob 🤖💕
Do you prefer him with or without it? I think he looks cool in both ways!

Great expansion model by @af_inventions.

Tips: be sure to print at least 2 antenna at the same time to have a better result. Printing only one at time might give you a bad result (mostly at the top) since the nozzle will keep staying in the same place for long.


Geeetech A10
  • Auflösung: 0,16 mm
  • Temperatur: 198 ℃
  • Infill: 15 %
  • Geschwindigkeit 30 mm/s

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