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Dummy radial engine

Descripción del modelo 3D

Scale model of Pratt & Whitney R2800 radial engine for rc model airplane use.

Designed for my 1:7.5 scale RC ESM F7F Tigercat.

The model can be scaled up or down to fit your model.

Parámetros de impresión 3D

I recommend printing with no infill for reduced weight.
I recommend 0.2mm layers up to 23 mm height and 0.08 mm layers above 23 mm height for quick print speed, and good quality.
Two outlines is enough.

  • Formato de modelo 3D : STL



Norwegian inventor/designer/cat owner.



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I purchased a pair of these museum quality models of the radial engine for my radio controlled ESM Tigercat. These are the best scale radial engine replicas available. They will be positioned in each cowling just ahead of the electric motors to simulate the look of the 1:1 Tigercat's Pratt & Whitney R-2800-34W Double Wasp radial engines.

TAHUSDTVETD is the talent behind this rendering. 3D printing rules.

Major USAF