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Vario Lynx 1:8 scale cabin and cockpit doors.

3D model description

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Sliding cabin doors and scale static cockpit doors for the Vario Lynx fuselage.

Cabindoor01/2 - Right and left cabin doors with standard window location.
Cabindoor01-mk88a - Special left hand cabin door with the window moved aft, as on some Lynx models (Germany Mk88a for example).
Doorrail01 - Fairings over the cabin doors which build out to make room fot the C-shaped rails.
Lowerrail01 - Lower rail for the cabin doors.
Cockpitdoor01 - Scale cockpit door frames.

The cockpit door frames need to be formed to fit the curvature of the fuselage after printing. I recommend cold forming.

The main cabin door lower rail should be secured with #0 countersunk screws in the five lugs, and glue in the front.

The main cabin doors need two #1 screws in the top which will slide inside the top C-rails.

Use M2 screws to secure the door handles and emergency release handles.

Video of door removal and installation:

3D printing settings

Print the cabin doors without infill and all other parts solid. Use supports in the window openings of the cabin doors.

  • 3D model format: STL



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