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Scale helicopter seats. Westland Lynx 1:8 seats.

3D model description

Also check out my other Vario Lynx parts in my profile, including a complete cockpit kit and working cabin doors. The cockpit kit includes the seats.

I designed these seats for a Vario 1:8 scale Lynx which I am about to start building as a norwegian Lynx Mk86. It can be scaled up or down to fit other scales. For example, to scale up to 1:6 scale resize to 133%. When assembled correctly the mechanism for raising and lowering the seat works, but is only locked in place by friction.

Use 19 mm (3/4") fabric ribbon around the top of the seat and glue to the back of the back "pillow" to achieve the scale look.

Use a length of thin electrical wire between the harness reel and harness locking lever to simulate the wire housing.

Use a heat gun and gently heat the flat seat part before bending as shown in the illustration.

Glue the parts together with CA. I recommend using cut down brass nails for the hinge points, and thin piano wire to connect the bell cranks on the left side of the seat adjusting mechanism. "Flat Battleship Grey" (RAL 7031) is a good color match for the Lynx interior grey.

The version with headrest is appropriate for the norwegian RNOAF Lynx Mk86.

Seat01.stl - Seat set without headrest.
Seat02.stl - Seat set with headrest.
Seat03.stl - Pillow, emergency seat pack and tray for the seat pack.
Seat04.stl - Shafts for the seat mechanism.

3D printing settings

Additional support isn't needed. The parts have support where necessary. Cut away the support pieces after printing.

I printed everything from PLA with a 0,4 mm nozzle.

I recommend printing with a layer height of 0,08 mm to achieve good fidelity and finish.

If you are having trouble printing Seat04.stl then print double or triple the needed parts so that each part has time to cool down.

  • 3D model format: STL



Norwegian inventor/designer/cat owner.



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