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ESM P-51D Accessories

3D model description

the items here are for the 1:6.26 scale ESM P-51 model. They can be used on other models off course. Just calculate the size difference and scale to size.

Avionics01 - Behind-seat fuel tank with VHF and battery detail.
Seat01 - Rear seat plate.
Seat02 - Headrest backing.
Seat03 - Headrest.
Seat04 - Hook for antenna wire.
Seat05 - Seatback.
ESMinstrument01 - Instrument panel

Some of the photos show prototype parts that may be slightly different. For example the seat back plate doesn't have mounting holes in the photos. The instrument panel in the photo is oversize. The one listed here is more scale.

The avionics assembly is secured to the fuselage to two plywood cross members which you glue to the top of the horizontal frame already in place in the fuselage. Add wires using thin electrical wires.

The rear seat plate should be bent just below the grab handle. Use a heat gun and carefully heat from the back until it can be bent. It helps to lay it flat and hold something flat under when you bend, like a spatula. After bending and painting secure it to the avionics assembly using two self tapping screws.

The seatback should be glued to the back plate after the back plate is attached to the avionick assembly.When installed in the cockpit, the seatback should sit 100 mm rear from the canopy frame.

Attach the hook to the back of the rear seat plate and secure with a #0 countersunk screw. Then glue on the headrest backing and headrest. I recommend using a spring between the seat plate and antenna wire to avoid handling damage.

Print the jpg in and glue to the back of the instrument panel. The jpg should come out 83 mm wide at 300 dpi.

Aeroprop Spinner:
Spinner01 - Spinner backplate.
Spinner02 - Spinner cone.

10 mm center hole and 4 mm bolt hole. The head of the bolt needs to be ground down in diameter to fit the hole in the cone of the spinner. The hole needs to be this small to look scale.

Hard point:
Hardpoint01 - One complete hard point.

Glue the halves together after printing. Install 385 mm fron the centerline and the rear of the hardpoint 185 mm from the flap trailing edge.

Exhaust stacks:
Exhaust01 - Left and right exhaust stacks.

Rear dorsal antenna:
Antenna01 - Dorsal antenna.

I recommend printing four even though you only need one to avoid overheating the plastic. Install with a screw 380 mm forward of the rudder hinge point. This is the scale position.

3D printing settings

I print at 0.08 mm layer height for stuff with slopes, and 0.2 mm layer height for anything simple. Support is not necessary unless specifically mentioned below. Print the parts as they are oriented when opened. There is no need to rotate parts to print them.

Spinner01 needs support ont he whole back surface.
Spinner02 needs support under the center screw hole area.

Exhaust01 needs support on the whole bottom as the bottom surface is curved to fit the cowl and the cowl is narrower in the front, but the engine is not. It can be tricky to print and may need a raft.

  • 3D model format: STL et ZIP



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