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Bridge Hammock Clip

3D model description

I designed this little bracket to hold a fiberglass rod that functions as an arch support for the bug mesh on my custom bridge hammock. (just like a tent pole on any standard dome tent but smaller and lighter) bridge hammocks function a bit differently from an end gathered hammock, if your a curious hiker it is worth a bit of googleing. This was designed to clip on to a .625 spreader pole and fits fairly snugly. This clip is used with the poles and titanium bridge clips that I bought from Dutch has all the neatest lightweight gear for backpacking and hammock suspension. If you are a D.I.Y junkie like me, this site is a great resource for all kinds of projects.

3D printing settings

prusa i3 custom



.3mm layers


The print setting are pretty basic. You should use a filament like abs or nylon that is strong and will hold up to heat better than pla. I printed this without support and my prusa handled the overhang pretty well. The socket for the fiberglass rod is inverted (if you print this in its native orientation) and there was a little distortion in the part here. However, this was just cosmetic and I ended up dressing the socket hole up with a small drill bit. The part works very well as designed.

I also expected that the fiberglass rod, when bent into position, would have pushed the clips around on the poles so I designed the clip with a recess and a guide that you should lace a bit of twine through (mine is the yellow twine in the pictures above). this will also insure that the clips are installed on the bar the same distance apart each time you set up. Thus your arches will be the same shape each time and you will have a better fit to the bug mesh.

  • 3D model format: STL





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