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Arduino Insect

3D model description

This is also a old project that made together with my oldest son.

My son wanted to make a robot, what better way to start than with this insect.

Its about 3 years ago that i made this insect with my son.
And could not find any decent designs for making a arduino insect at the time.

So we created our own.

The prototype shield on top we made to keep the wire-ring nice and clean.

The legs i bend out off 2,5 mm of rvs rod.

Shopping List:

1x Arduino Uno
2x Standard servo's (I used Robbe fs100)
1x Ultrasonic sensor (I used HC-SR04)
1x 9 volt battery

and various M3 nuts and bolts

Sadly to say the arduino insect is dismantled at this time.
I used the arduino and servos for a other project.

And i lost the arduino code some were along the way :-(

but i found a page on instructabels on how to make and program a arduino Insect at:

3D printing settings

Layer Height: 0.2
Shell Thickness: 0.8
Bottom/Top Thickness:0.8
Infill: 20%
No support

  • 3D model format: STL



Hello all, I'm Bishop.
In real life I'm a mechanical engineer.
But in my spare time i love making 3d models.,3d printing and playing with arduino's and raspberry pi's

I love making models for other people like,
milling machines, 3d printers, jewelry, practical things and yes also naughty toys,
and a lot off other stuff.

I hope you will like and enjoy my models!




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