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Print-in-place Butterfly Cutlery Set

3D model description

Problem 1: You're off to bed when you realize you're all out of dish detergent, and not a clean table setting in the house for breakfast.

Problem 2: You've invited Magneto to your brunch party, but you're a little worried he might lose his temper.

Solution: Press print, and by morning you have a clean set of non-magnetic tableware (sterilized at 220 degrees Celsius).

Later on, you "accidentally" drop your silverware at a fine restaurant. As the waiter rushes over with a clean set, you deftly swing your hands in the air and... swish-swoosh-swish... "Don't bother, my good man, I have my own." Ladies swoon.

Prints fine without raft, brim, supports, or infill. For a cool trick, set your slicer to pause at 15mm, then swap in a different color filament.

Note to Small Printer Folk: Through the magic of the hypotenuse, rotating a single item 45 degrees on your print bed allows you to print a 170mm item on a 126mm x 126mm bed!

Note to Children of School-going Years: If you bring this to school you will likely be expelled. Fair warning!

Note to Lawsuit-happy Americans: If you manage to cut yourself or anyone else with this, you were trying REALLY HARD and thus it was YER OWN DURNED FAULT.

And yes, I did just discover markdown, so I'm sure for the next several days everything I post will have annoying and random formatting.

  • 3D model format: STL





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