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Minnow Trap

3D model description

This is a small Minnow Trap I designed to be printed taking advantage of the fast Honeycomb infill pattern in Simplify3D.

Using the process setting below it takes the solid object files and prints them out without any top or bottom layers and this produces the cage like pattern in the parts. I use two different processes, the first Process prints the cage pattern until a certain height, then the second Process prints the solid parts of the objects.

Using this method you could create many useful items like animal cages, screen guards, sifting screens, etc by just adjusting the infill percentage to achieve the size holes you would like.

The cage for this Minnow Trap is about 7" x 9" when flat so you need a good size print bed to print it and you have to use the setting below (specifically the 12% infill) for the end caps to snap fit together with the main cage when complete.

Process 1 settings...

(Layer Tab)
Layer Height = .20
Top & Bottom Solid Layers = 0
Outlines/Perimeter Shells = 2 (for the funnel I used 4 just to make it stronger for bending)

(Infill Tab)
Infill percentage = 12%
Internal Fill = Fast Honeycomb
External Fill = Rectilinear

(Advanced Tab)
Stop Printing at 1.40mm

Process 2 settings...

(Layer Tab)
Layer Height = .20
Top & Bottom Solid Layers = 2
Outlines/Perimeter Shells = 2

(Infill Tab)
Infill percentage = 80%
Internal Fill = Rectilinear
External Fill = Rectilinear

(Advanced Tab)
Start Printing at 1.40mm

The Cage part requires some supports, everything else does not need any. I used PLA so the funnel was placed in the sun for a bit and then rolled to shape and held together with a bit of thin wire from baggy ties. I did super glue the funnel to the end cap but you could use wire for this too or even fishing sting if this was say part of a survive kit. If using PLA I would not leave this thing out in the sun for too long unless it is in the water or it may deform. I'll update with some pictures as soon as I get it in the water.

3D printing settings

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Fast Honeycomb






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