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Halbach Array Linear Direct 3D Printer Extruder Drive

3D model description

An extruder with a stepper motor is used in my Pusa I3 and also in almost all 3D printers.
I decided to develop a lighter extruder drive based on a 3-phase linear actuator with a magnetic Halbach array. It is designed to directly replace NEMA17 in any 3D printer.
I wanted to use VCA (Voice Coil Actuator) as a drive, but VCA are very expensive and weaker than the drive with 3-phase coils and a magnetic Halbach array.

Features of the extruder drive:

High Force to Weight Ratio
High continuous and peak forces
Weight 4.2oz (119 grams)
High Accelerations
Halbach Array magnetic system
Scotch Yoke mechanism.
For a full description of the drive, see here:

We need 5 Neodymium Rare Earth magnets 5X5X25mm N42 magnets
or use compound magnets, they will need 10 pieces.

The diameter of the wire can be changed if a larger force is required, but the consumption current will increase.
Tests with a 3-phase bridge driver showed that the drive effort is sufficient to operate as an extruder drive.
This is an experimental device, work on it continues.

3D printing settings

prusa i3






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