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Cheesy Mouse Trap

3D model description

This is a Swiss Cheese Mouse Trap that I designed just for fun. Bait would be put at the front of the trap and when the mouse walks across the trip lever the door closes and is held shut with magnets.

A few of the parts are superglue together after printing. (The mag latch to the door and the trip lever to the trip plate.) The trip plate and door pins were made from cut down 1 1/2" 4D finish nails and two 3/16" x 1/8" neodymium magnets where used to keep the door closed and are press fit or glued into the mag latch and bottom piece. A 2/56" screw is used to hold the bottom to the main body.

The smaller of the traps show is actual size while the larger version was scaled up to 125%. The small one was printed upside down with the top to the printer bed to cut down on internal supports but because of the curved top it still required supports and came out very rough. It was then filled (spot glazing putty) and sanded smooth and repainted.

I changed the design to incorporate 45 degree internal top corners so it could be printed upright while cutting down the internal supports. Some supports are still needed and the top still comes out a little rough.

01/30/16 EDIT - After an unfortunate first test I added some air holes to the door and after the concerns that were raised I also added some tail relief slots in the door too just to be safe. :)

3D printing settings

Printer Brand:



.20 (door was printed at .10)

10% (main body) 80% everything else






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