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Vibrator, clitoris, toy, adult,

3D model description

Special clitoris vibrator derived from a toothbrush Oral-B, SUPER EFFECTIVE (these are my girlfriends who say it). It also works for Mister
Often the simplest products are the best.
This system produces vibrations that are adjustable from very low to very high depending on the angle of the contact point.

3D printing settings

The bigger the diameter of the ball, the stronger the vibrations
You will find in the files attached 2 diameters of different balls, test what suits best, (this does not necessarily the most powerful, too strong vibrations can produce A warm-up).
Remove the toothbrush from your Oral B, on the base of the printed part there is a dish that you must orient parallel to the plate of the axis of your Oral B then insert the piece slightly forcing
print First the file named Dxxint3.5 "xx" corresponds to the diameter of the ball and "int" to the inside diameter.
If your part sinks too easily or too far, print a smaller inside diameter.
If your part does not sink sufficiently, print a larger inside diameter.
If your part still does not sink, your thread flow is too large, changing your settings.

To the pleasure!

  • 3D model format: STL




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