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Vibrating Saddle

3D model description

After having repaired and rebuild several Sybian and Sybian styled devices I decided to design my own.

The Bearings used are standard Skateboard bearings, My prototype has a 3D printed spacer and pullies with a motor from an old 14V cordless drill however I have added the cad details for a metal shaft and pulley.

The files MoldPart1 to 4 are the shells for the silicone top. Use Liquid Silicone to pour in and make a flat base with the VS-TopFitting attached and while the silicone is still uncured press this in to the silicone to give you a nice firm fit.

3D printing settings

The main thing is to keep your wall thickness nice and heave, I printed at 0.2 with a 12 layer wall thickness and 30% infill to make it nice and solid.

  • 3D model format: STL et ZIP





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