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Amphora Massage Tool

3D model description

This is a fabulous tool to use for massage - either on oneself or for use on others.

It has a double end for trigger point release as well as effleurage. It has a good weight and is a pleasure to work with.

This can also be worn as a pendant or in a holder for easy access.

The photo in black was one we printed in black ABS. It is slightly different dimensions and was made in 2 parts. We changed the file so it could be made in one piece by Shapeways.

In fact the design is based on a Roman Amphora shape. It can have as many uses as your imagination allows!

3D printing settings

Print time: 7 hours
ABS: 58.15 metres
Infill: 100%
Layer height: 0.3
X: 44.81
Y: 45.21
Z: 180.08

  • 3D model format: STL



With a history of designing a variety of products from turbines to ROVs and a multitude of products in between - it's great now to be move ahead and work in the world of 3d printing.

What a fantastic way to get shapes and angles that normal manufacturing is incapable of. This is just the beginning...the coming years will bring many more advancement. It's an exciting time to be designing!



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