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Did you 3D print this model?

Pink Panther -- 86Duino

3D Model

Make's Description


It is a very cool decorative figure that can be put into several poses, I have made it to scale 4: 1

I have not kept track of print times accurately, but I think they are less than 15 hours in total in this scale.

Eyes and snout are made in ABS and softened with acetone.

I have made the whiskers with a 3D printing pen.

I have painted the pupils and some lines with a black permanent marker.

I used Repetier Host with Cure for slicing.

Thank you.

En Español

Es una figura decorativa muy chula que se puede poner en varias poses, la he hecho a escala 4:1.

No he contado las horas con precisión, pero creo que serán menos de 15 horas en total.

Ojos y "trufa del hocico" en ABS suavizados con acetona.

Los pelos del bigote los hice con un lápiz de impresión 3D.

He pintado las rayas y las pupilas negras con rotulador permanente.

He usado Repetier Host con Cura para el fileteado.


  • Raft: Non
  • Resolution: 0.2 mm
  • Support: Oui
  • Infill: 30 %
  • Speed: 60 mm/s

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