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Did you 3D print this model?

Mother's Day Sculpture

3D Model

Make's Description

Vertex K8400 printer,
PLA 0,1 transparent, 185°C,
Infill 35%,
Printing time about 12 hours,
Support YES.
Painted with antracite color for metal.

3D Printer

Vertex K8400
  • Raft: Non
  • Resolution: 0.1 mm
  • Temperature: 185 °C
  • Support: Oui
  • Infill: 35 %
  • Speed: 40 mm/s

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Oh yeah, and with black paint for metal.

With a lot of patience, grinding paper and a small polisher.

awesome! - how did you get that finish on the 3d print?

That's beautiful!