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#3DBenchy - The jolly 3D printing torture-test

3D Model

Make's Description

Hey makers. Here is one of my many many many 3DBenchy's. I absolutely love using this for calibrating my printer whenever I change filaments or service my printer. Not only is this a challenging print, it is also a neat little piece when you are done.

Since I end up with some many of these from calibrating and setting up materials I give them away to pretty much anyone who ask as a little 3D printed gift.

I use S3D for my slicer and at the settings listed below this print is about 2hrs long.


  • Raft: Non
  • Resolution: 0.12 mm
  • Temperature: 195 °C
  • Support: Non
  • Infill: 10 %
  • Speed: 34 mm/s

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Your #3DBenchy make looks really nice! Thanks for sharing the images :)