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Flower box (with ring holder insert)

3D model description

Box for storing jewelry or other small items. Pattern in the lid gives a very nice see-through effect when backlit.

An optional ring insert can be printed to give a very good overview of your fingerwear of all sizes.

Other things that will fit (without scaling the model up): A deck of cards, memory cards, coins, membership cards, rusty nails, earplugs, breath mints, batteries, a miniature giant space hamster, post-it notes, paperclips, matches and those small wooden pencils you get at IKEA.

3D printing settings

Resolution: 0.1mm
Supports: No
Rafts: No

The bottom will benefit by having a higher infill than the top to increase the weight and risk of tilting when open. Still, 30% is plenty.

25% infill should be enough.

Ring insert
Needs to be printed in TPE, NinjaFlex or other flexible/elastic material. This should be printed upside-down, and is designed to be printed without supports.

Lower infill can be an advantage for more flexibility. I used 20% with TPE filament, but could probably have gone down to 10%.

Make sure that the bottom 3-4 layers where the "tongues" are located are solid in order for them to stick to the model properly.

The Hinge

The hinge is designed to use a 1.75 mm filament as center (for 3 mm filament, scale the model to 171%). Heat and slightly flatten the ends of the filament using a soldering iron, wood burning pen or even a flat screwdriver heated with a lighter.

Aside from filament, you can use a thick steel wire, a piece a metal coat hanger or an 1.8 mm bicycle spoke as hinge center. Drill the holes up if needed, or simply scale the model up when printing.

  • 3D model format: STL


Hi! I'm a tinkerer, designer and maker from Sweden. If you like my designs, feel free to leave a comment. :)




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