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Earring and pendant scissors

3D model description

I present to you one of my creations a pendant and two earrings in the shape of scissors with two pretty little heart

some are presented in the pictures without painting (I found them all just prettier like that)

other loops Earrings were printed in PLA and painted with acrylic paint then I varnished them with an all-weathering quick drying bracket (inside / outside)

on the picture the jewelry was printed with natural PLA

pendant 5.4 cm; Width 4 cm depth 2 mm

earring length 3.7 cm width 2.7 cm depth 2 mm

3D printing settings

30% Suitable fill rate for jewelery
60% Print speed not too fast for better rendering
215 ° PLA printing temperature
60 ° plate temperature
0.2 layer thickness
0.8 shell thickness

  • 3D model format: STL



Quoique je suis une designer débutante, je m'engage à mettre sur si site des fichiers de très bonne qualité, mes objets sont imprimés, modifiés s'il y a un défaut puis réimprimé jusqu'à obtenir le meilleur résultat possible.

Though I am a beginner designer I commit myself to put on site very good quality files, my objects put on this site are printed, modified if there is a defect and then reprinted until obtaining the best possible result.

Si vous aimez mon travail, n'hésitez pas à me donner un petit Tip pour encourager ma passion : Donate



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