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Amphora 'Necklace'

3D model description

This makes a great conversation piece when worn at parties ;)

This multi tool necklace is a versatile product that can have as many uses as can be imagined.

It looks great worn as a Pendant Necklace...but can also be used as a Pull Switch, a Fishing Priest, a Tie Belt Adornment, Toy etc...

This is made in 2 parts.

It needs minimal finishing. Epoxy the 2 parts together. Give it a quick acetone dip to for a superb shiny finish.

3D printing settings

Main Part

ABS 100% infill
Print time: 6 hrs 34 minutes
Filament: 21.99 metres
X: 35.61
Y: 35.60
Z: 124.92


ABS 100% infill
Print Time: 1 hr 4 minutes
Filament: 3.44 metres
X: 33.76
Y: 33.75
Z: 16.88

  • 3D model format: STL


With a history of designing a variety of products from turbines to ROVs and a multitude of products in between - it's great now to be move ahead and work in the world of 3d printing.

What a fantastic way to get shapes and angles that normal manufacturing is incapable of. This is just the beginning...the coming years will bring many more advancement. It's an exciting time to be designing!



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