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Space Invader Toilet Paper Roll Holder

3D model description

Maybe you are old enough to remember how it was like to hang out at the arcade back in the 70-80s? And maybe you're in need of a new toilet hanger that commemorate those days? Well look no further, by popular demand - here it is, the Space Invader Paper Toilet Roll Holder / Hanger.

3D printing settings

Prints in 2.56H (around 3 Hours) on high speed settings.

The entire hanger - prints out without any need for supports. You may have to add a brim/rim if your printer have warping issues as it covers a pretty sizeable part of your printers bed.

The entire hanger is 12,5 CM ( 4,92 inches) wide. And the toilet rolls it was made for is standard european sizes of 9.5-10.5CM (3.7 - 4.10 inches). You can just print slightly larger if you need bigger rolls.

  • 3D model format: STL


I'm a 3D artist that dabble in both character design, electronics as well as animation.




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So cool design! Thanks for sharing!