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Star Trek Odyssey-Class Enterprise-F

3D model description

Enterprise-F Odyssey-Class starship
Fully optimized and print-friendly model with extensive details:

-Optional Shuttle bay add-on to fit onto ship rear section (Merge this with existing ship body model)

-Aquarius light escort vessel added as removable docked variation as well as in-flight model with engine nacelles deployed

-Space for two 10x3mm magnets added to hold saucer in place when not displayed in saucer separation (optional plugs added to fill in the holes if desired)

-Optional merged and sectioned version for FDM machines (should be mostly self supported)

Check out my MEGA collection of ALL USS Enterprise lineup of starships in correct scale to each other:

I would recommend a 3D Print Direct printing services for their cheap and incredibly strong carbon fiber reinforced SLS nylon material:

3D printing settings

Enterprise-F length: 337mm
Aquarius length: 37mm

The model is designed to be printed at this size. Re-scaling the model down might jeopardize strength of certain parts of the ship, depending on your printer of choice.





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So cool design! Congrats Alexei!