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Gorbo 2 tankoped

3D model description

Tankoped - a mech and tank combined - designed for infantry support.

Details include: commanders cupola, gunner's periscope, driver's view port, main cannon, coaxial mg, gun mantle, leg greeblies, towing rings, exhaust and cooling vents

Before buying you can download and try some of my other robot models. They all use similar ball joints

Turret rotates 360°, cannon swivels up and down, legs are on ball joints. assembly video

3D printing settings

PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS: . Insert balls into sockets with side to side rocking action - pliers recommended. Some sanding might be required depending on your printer.

Gorbo2 GUN_socket.STL -print 1x 20%infill
Gorbo2 HIP_armor.STL -print 2x 20%infill
Gorbo2 HIP_ring.STL -print 2x 20%infill
Gorbo2 HIP_socket.STL -print 2x 20%infill
Gorbo2 HULL.STL -print 1x 20%infill
Gorbo2 KNEE_socket.STL -print 2x 20%infill
Gorbo2 LEG_armor.STL -print 2x 20%infill, supports
Gorbo2 LEG_lower.STL -print 2x 20%infill
Gorbo2 LEG_upper_left.STL -print 1x 20%infill, supports
Gorbo2 LEG_upper_right.STL -print 1x 20%infill, supports
Gorbo2 TURRET_.STL -print 1x 20%infill
Gorbo2 BALL_base.STL -print 3x 40%infill
Gorbo2 FOOT.STL -print 2x 40%infill
Gorbo2 GUN_ball.STL -print 1x 20%infill
Gorbo2 GUN_barrel.STL -print 1x 20%infill
Gorbo2 GUN_mantle.STL -print 1x 20%infill

  • 3D model format: STL





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