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GalacTops // Air Powered Spinning Tops

3D model description

Process + In Action :

GalacTops are air-powered spinning tops that will spin continuously for as long as you can keep control!

This pack contains SCULPTOR, one of the three original GalacTops. It is specifically designed to print well on FDM printers without requiring support material. For best results print at .1 mm layer height, but .2 mm should work as well.

Also included is a giant version of ANDROMEDA, and other earlier versions of the top.

Make sure to also check out ANDROMEDA and PULSAR on Shapeways :

They are the best performing tops, but don't print as well on FDM machines.

Included in this purchase are STL, Solidworks, IGS, and STEP files for everything shown in the renderings.

Marble tops are scaled for 15mm marbles/ball bearings

3D printing settings

.1 to .2 mm layer height. All files print without supports (except perhaps the giant top)

  • 3D model format: ZIP



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