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3D model description

This model definitely falls under a "passion project" for me. As soon as I saw Drampa in a reveal trailer a few weeks ago, I thought it would be quite the challenge to model it up from the few references available. Albeit, it's probably not 100% perfect to what the in-game model is, I'm still really glad with how it turned out.

Of course, knowing my luck, Pokemon will release an official figure of this guy come November ;)

I haven't been able to print it yet, but I split the model in half to make it an easier print. The whole model is intricate, so I thought spitting it would help save support material. However, I do have the whole STL model here in case you'd like to try the whole model.

The dimensions of the Drampa figure are 6.75"x 3"x 4.5". I figured being able to print the parts separately would also help if you want to scale up Drampa.

**11/29--I meant to share this months ago, but I was hesitant to share it. Now with the game out, I figured better now that never to share it! :D


Definitely sand down the tail to make it smoother. It comes off a little rigid in the file, which I was unable to fix in modeling.

How I Designed This

As per my usual process with Pokemon models, I worked off images and screenshots of Drampa

  • 3D model format: STL





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