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DeLorean DMC-12 (Back to the Future) PRINT-IN-PLACE

3D model description

Supports?... where we're going, we don't need supports.

Oh LàLà! prepare your printer for this awesome model! it is designed to be printed in just one piece, the doors and wheels are functional and it even has a flux capacitor!

UPDATE: We added the individual parts for those who can experiment problems with their printers, now you have the option to print it separately and snap the wheels.

Happy prints!

3D printing settings

X: 132.81 mm
Y: 43.26 mm
Z: 52.00 mm

0.3 and 0.2 layer height worked, not tested yet in 0.1
No supports needed

  • 3D model format: STL




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Daveinmi. sorry to hear that.
exactly where the error occurs and what happens? I hope we can help you.

I've tried twice to print the model with out wheels with no luck, seems to fail during the las 15- 20% Going to try to print the one with the wheels now.

they just snap, no glue needed :) just be sure that they have a good amount of infill so they do not break under pressure

Got this downloaded, and trying to decide to print with or with out wheels. If I print it without wheels, do they just snap on ? Or do they need to be glued ? Thanks, looking forward to getting this printed !

Awesome, thank you! Now I can printwith a different colour for the wheels and just snap them in.

Individual parts now updated!
We hope it works for all of you :)

Sure! we'll upload the individual parts as soon as possible! thank you so much for the advice! :D

It printed, but my printer ran into some issues with the door hinge on one side, and both wheels that were not touching the build plate.

I can confirm that this STL prints and is functional in one shot, without supports. I'm going to try again, I can tell this is going to be great when I get a clean print.

One request for you Atomicos. If you can upload the STL for the wheels only this would help people like myself who had a successful print except for the wheels. I could print them on their own and snap them into the wheel hub. (they seem to just snap in and out)
Also it would be a nice option for people with less accurate printers as the wheels seem to be the hardest part.

We hope you'll have a nice print!, we used 10% infill, 3 top layers, 3 bottom layers and 2 outline shells.

Tell us how it went! :D

I bought this and will try it tonight. I'm surprised it can print the wheels and roof with no supports.

Do you have any suggestion for infill percentage or shell thickness?

Hi! first of all, thank you so much for buying the model :D and it should be printed with a door touching the buildplate, check the last photo I just added.

happy print!

In what orientation should i print it?

wow! we didn't see it! thank you so much for sharing! :D

Thank you so much! :D and it doesn't need supports because there are a minimum separation between the wheels, enough to be possible the print and not get the pieces united and it's the same case with the doors :)

What a feat! That's wonderful ! How did you managed the no support? Should there be tiny supports on the wheels?