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3DTAC / TBX (Training Blade MK.X) Prop

3D model description

The TBX or Tactical Blade Mk.X is a 3D printed plastic knife for use in self defense training excercises and airsoft simulated melee combat. It consists of a semi rigid blade printed in two halves and a 3D printed ergonomic handle.
It is approximately 12" in total lenght with a 7" blade and 5" handle approx

This dummy knife is a prop moslty and has no cutting power, however be advised that the blade is semi-rigid (ABS) and can poke with a good amount of force.

To put this togheter you will need:

Suoer Glue
One 3/16" x 3/4" button cap screw
Four 3/16" x 3/8" button cap screw
3/16" thread cutter (to thread the screw holes)
Print Settings:

3D printing settings

ABS (Blade) PLA (handle
Scale part up .3% = 100.3 (ABS only)
Temperature: ABS 230°C / PLA 210°C
Layer .1 to .3 mm
Perimeters: 3
Infill: 50% (at least)
Supports: No
Cooling Fan: ABS OFF, PLA ON
Raft: No (unless needed by your particular printer)

  • 3D model format: STL



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