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3DTAC Phantom AR15 Stock - Airsoft only!

3D model description

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This is an extremely minimal fixed stock for AR15 type rifles, its meant primarily for CQB airsoft combat.
Be advised that in order to use it, you battery needs to be within the stock tube or wired to the front of the marker.
Scaling might be necessary as not all airsoft guns have the same dimensions.
You also need a 3/16 (4.7625mm) thread cutter and a 3/16 x 3/4 (4.7625mm x 19.05mm) screw to attach the buttstock, srefer to the pics.

The buffer tube cover is better if printed in PLA.
The buttstock is better if printed in ABS.

DO NOT USE WITH REAL STEEL FIREARMS. This is an accessory designed entirely for Airsoft and sport air shooting. I take no responsibility for any harm taken or done should this design be miss-used on other activities outside its designed purposes.

3D printing settings

ABS: May need to account for plastic shrinkage 100.3% scale +,-.1
Supports: Yes
Infill: 20 (at least)
Layer height: .25
Contours: 3
Amount of plastic: 100 grs (aprox.)

No supports needed

  • 3D model format: STL



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