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Squid GoCam - for GoPro type cameras

3D model description

Now you can use your go pro camera underwater fitted to the Squid GoCam underwater towed vehicle. This is ideal for movie makers who want a compact light weight low cost tool to film underwater or search for treasures and lost items.

Squid GoCam is printed as a hollow body which floods as it enters the water. Once it is in the water the manoeuvring and operating of the Squid GoCam is smooth, light and easy to use. It's super fun, super cute and very capable of the chosen camera's full depth capacity.

We use a GoPro mount which was bolted and glued on to the Squid GoCam.

Drill the vent holes (10mm) in the same position as the photos show.

Attach your chosen tether to the Tow Rack

We used an airbrush to paint on the design - the only limit is your imagination!

We left the tow rack converter and the upper fin unpainted so you can see clearly where to fit them.

Three files are provided = a) body b) fin c) tow rack converter.

3D printing settings

Layer height: 0.4
Shell Thickness: 3mm
Infill: 0
Support: 0
Print time: 2hrs 44mins
ABS: 21.68 metres
Printed: Normal
X: 152.75
Y: 90.82

  • 3D model format: STL


With a history of designing a variety of products from turbines to ROVs and a multitude of products in between - it's great now to be move ahead and work in the world of 3d printing.

What a fantastic way to get shapes and angles that normal manufacturing is incapable of. This is just the beginning...the coming years will bring many more advancement. It's an exciting time to be designing!



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