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Sony Action Cam Handheld Gimbal

3D model description

We have great pleasure to introduce our most advanced 3D printing project of all the time.

It's the handheld Sony Action Cam gimbal, based on the 32-bit controller and 3 brushless motors. This product will give unbeliveble smoothness to your action videos.

The idea of the creation came into the life due to the lack of products like this in the market. We love DIY stuffs so here it is.

Short teaser:

!! Make note that our Handheld Gimbal is very complex and chellenging project. Before start, make sure that you have basic knowledge about electrical systems. Do not rush during all steps of assembling. Check everything twice!!

(Short tutorial with all steps and helpfull remarks will be uploaded soon, but you can now start to collect all the necessary components listed in the BOM)

3D printing settings

All of the parts should be printed in the predefined orientation.
Infill and support settings are available in the BOM.
We recomend using ABS or ABS+ but use your favourite material :)




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