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Moleskine Fountain Pen Holder

3D model description

This pen holder is designed to hold onto the Platinum Preppy fountain pens and keep them attached to your Moleskine cover (others may fit, but they are the only ones tested). When I needed to annotate my sketches and notes with new colors, I was tired of going through my pockets and pen cases for the colors I needed. The holder keeps your writing utensils all in one place, is easily removed for when you need to sit down to write, and slides back on just as smoothly and securely.

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The holder friction fits to the cover and the pens friction fit into their slots. Links to the products this is designed around are below:

Note: these are affiliate links and allow us to keep making.

Moleskine Hardcover Gridded Notebook (the cover thickness is particular to the model provided here)

Platinum Preppy Rainbow Fountain Pen Set (the diameter of the pen slots are particular to this model [a little too thick for the Precise V5 below, but if you only need one black pen the one here will do instead of the Precise V5 below, although I prefer the Pilot])
Pilot Precise V5 Pens (not necessary since I keep them in the elastic strap)

3D printing settings

0.15mm layer size, rafted, no support structure needed. 220C with PLA.

  • 3D model format: STL






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