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Frosty: Thin Mini-ITX case for Asus H81T

3D model description

Minimalistic, compact and fully equipped computer case for a mini-ITX motherboard. Specifically made for Asus H81T, but should work fine for many others as long as using external powerbrick or very compact PSU - Asus H81T has built in power socket that works fine with most Dell laptop chargers - no modification needed.

Thoroughly ventilated - NO CASE FAN NEEDED.
With Intel stock CPU fan running in silent mode, with CPU on full load at 3.2Ghz, the computer is still almost dead silent and CPU temp rarely go above 40°C - idle temperature is around 30°C

Has two slots for 2.5" drives (SSD or HDD). For extra safety you can add a dab of hot glue or double-sided tape under the drive(s) to secure them if you plan to move the computer around a lot.

Standardized motherboard mounting holes fits all mini-ITX boards. Depending on your print settings and screws used, you might want to tap or drill up the mounting holes slightly. There is a big safety margin between the disks and motherboard, if you have an isolation layer to avoid shorts or plan to fasten disk(s) with hot glue, you can file/cut the mounts down several mm to get a drop of the entire motherboard.

Snow flake hole centered directly on top of CPU fan. Intel Core i5 and Pentium stock coolers tested and fits height-wise, possibly others too.

Has a socket for a standard PC power or reset switch that can be salvaged from almost any computer. Placed near the right rear corner. Mostly out of sight, yet easy to reach.

Has a minimal hole for power LED in front, drill this up from the inside if too small when printed. Fasten LED with hot glue if needed.

The the top part slides on from above, using guide rails. There is however no locking mechanism, so grabbing hold of the bottom part is recommended if you want to move the computer around. On the other hand, it's very easy to remove the top for troubleshooting and upgrading the hardware.
If you want a tighter fit for the guide rails, wrap some tape around them; even double-sided should work.

3D printing settings


Since I printed in PLA, I sanded, then painted with acrylic clear coat for more shiny surface. If I were to print in ABS; I would do a carefully acetone vapor treatment.
Pictures coming.

How I Designed This

Done from absolute scratch in TinkerCad.

  • 3D model format: STL


Hi! I'm a tinkerer, designer and maker from Sweden. If you like my designs, feel free to leave a comment. :)




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