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Cube Spinner with Ball-Vertices

3D model description

  • my take on the cube spinner design
  • I thought they miss a lot of inertia when only made of plastic, so I added steel balls to all 8 corners
  • It got a nice weight to it now!
  • 13 mm steel balls are used, and one standard 608 bearing
  • you need 2x "Mainbody_half" and 2x "Cap"
  • mainbody needs to be glued together after inserting the bearing
  • caps need to be glued together
  • balls should snap in place
  • my printed version was not perfect, as you can see on the pictures, but I changed some things in the files to enhance printability for you

  • model units are [mm]

  • added "_simple" models without the recess on the cubes sides, if you like the clean look

  • added "_inch" models with pockets for 1/2" (12,7mm) steel balls

3D printing settings

  • 0.15 print resolution
  • supports needed
  • printed in DasFilament bronze PLA
  • had to try some different support settings to get it to work
  • 3D model format: STL






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