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Vintage Retro Classic Audio Cassette Tape

3D model description

Remember that sweet music tech we use as youngsters?
Well, you can now 3D print a cool retro souvenir of those golden days ;)
I wanted to make a cool souvenir that could function as a keychain or some decor.
This is an accurate model of a classic Sanyo cassette. It measures 10cm long, 6.4cm tall and 1.25cm wide, but you can scale it in your preferred slicer.
I include 2 printable models. One is solid for an easier print. The other has the cassette standard holes, so is more difficult to print, but includes some easy removable supports.


3D printing settings

Print it standing without supports.
Bottom layers=3
Top layers=4
Bed adhesion (when printing ABS): Brim=10 loops; otherwise: Skirt=5mm

  • 3D model format: STL


Architect, 3D artist, designer, dad.
I love 3D and 3D printing, and like to experiment with art and tech.
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