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Tiny Wallet

3D model description

Minimal wallet for the card-carrying consumer. Can be printed in both flexible and stiffer materials. ABS, PLA, PETG, TPE, NinjaFlex, Wood (as in the photos) should all work fine.

Holds 4 easily accessible cards, and has a recessed middle slots for emergency cash or up to 2 extra cards.

Based on the FlexWallet Mini, but have some additional improvements:

Bottom indent to quickly push up the card you want to use. Also makes it easier to access the middle slot.
Better card fit.
Rounded edges which feels MUCH better in the pocket.
Thicker outer walls for stronger print.
The wallet is designed to always have all 4 main slots occupied, as thís will give the tension needed to keep them all snug in place. Fewer cards will still work, but they might fall out easier.

UPDATE 2016-10-17 - V13
For people having problems printing tall single-perimeter walls I've also made a version with thicker inner walls (1.0 vs 0.4mm). This will increase the total thickness with 3mm, but will be easier to print. It also has a thicker bottom to give it more material if sanding the edges.

3D printing settings






The slower you print, the better. The print in the photos was done with Wood filament, with random temperature set for every other layer to simulate wood grain. To maximize stability while printing, I used a 2 layer, 15 perimeter brim and enabled support.
After printing, I sanded the outside with 240 grit paper, and used a paper nail file too smooth the inside of the slots additionally.

Version 12 is designed for 0.4mm nozzles (or finer), the inner walls are exactly 0.4mm thick. If your slicer can't render the walls properly, set it to use a 0.39mm Extrusion Width and/or Nozzle Diameter. Make sure you preview the print to confirm this.

Version 13 has 1.0mm inner walls. It's sill a good idea to preview the print in your slicer to make sure it looks ok.

  • 3D model format: STL


Hi! I'm a tinkerer, designer and maker from Sweden. If you like my designs, feel free to leave a comment. :)




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