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Free Scout Trooper Helmet (Hi-res) STL file, Geoffro

Did you 3D print this model?

Scout Trooper Helmet (Hi-res)

3D model description

Looking forward to seeing some of these printed!

I thought I should get all the Imperial Helmets done before I start on the armor pieces. It's alot easier to get things scaled when you are working on the same type of items, so doing all the helmets together seemed the obvious route and vice versa.

This does need some support on pieces, notably Parts 13 and 14, others can probably do without.

All pieces have been repaired, double checked in slicer, simplify3D and makerware - I really can't do any more checking than I have done. Everything reports manifold meshes and slicing previews are good. If you have issues slicing any of these files please let me know which file and what software you are using.

There are alot of really low poly Scout Trooper helmets out there, none of them suitable for printing.. now there is! :)

Assembly instructions can be found below:

3D printing settings



I kept the thickness to a minimum to save filament, so I would probably put a touch more infil in parts 1 through 10 as some of the parts have some thin sections that could do with some extra infil.

Part 19 is optional, people will most likely use a Ski goggle visor or similar, but I included a smooth version of the goggles for those wishing to print it.

  • 3D model format: ZIP


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