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Rick Sanchez mask from Rick and Morty

3D model description


This is a Rick Sanchez mask from Rick and Morty. I have printed this in PLA and had good success using Loctite Ultra Control Gel glue to put it together. All of the STL's are set up with optimized orientations, and are made to fit the 8x8x8 print bed of a Monoprice Maker Select (Wanhao Duplicator i3 rebrand). Many parts can be printed with no supports. It is about 1.5mm thick.

The pupils are not part of the printable parts and are just black paper with double sided tape so they can be posed on the eye balls.

This was painted with liquid acrylic craft paint. I mixed most of the colors by eye and have included a color matching image that you can print for help. I recommend the brands Folk Art and Delta Ceramcoat for paint.

I have also included a whole-head STL for anyone with a large format printer per request.

3D printing settings

Since the walls are already set up as thin, this should be printed at 100% infill as well as not scaled down or else slicers may skip parts due to the thin-ness being less than the width of the extruder head.

I did print these without rafts, but instead used 5mm brims to keep the parts seated. Many parts can be printed without supports, but some of them do need them, especially the chin area.

For finishing, some seams didn't match perfectly, so I smeared drywall mud along them and sanded them smooth after drying, works great. I have included a picture of this.

  • 3D model format: STL





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