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Elysium Max Exoskeleton

3D model description

Replica of exoskeleton frame worn in the movie Elysium (2013) by Max Da Costa.

Created in Autodesk Inventor using movie screen caps and prop auction photographs. I chose Max exoskeleton due to its hacked-together/indie look, synchronous with a dystopian cyberpunk future.


Assembly Instructions:

Hackaday (Dark) -

Default (Light) -

A few parts like bent shoulder plates, upper arm bones, and hands/fingers differ from their appearance in the movie because I wanted to make them look a bit more interesting and detailed. All other parts have been modeled based on photographs and verified from several different angles. Anyone who wants a very precise replica can fork the project on GitHub and replace a few parts with movie-precise appearance.

3D printing settings

All units are millimeters. Build volume is 5,592,770 mm^3.

Fits people between 5' and 7' tall as many parts mount in a way that's adjustable. Scaling transform may be necessary outside of this range, but watch for screw hole sizes after scaling. Some parts are large, and will have to be sliced into halfs or quarters in your 3D printing software, to be glued together before finishing and assembly.



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