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Captain Phasma Wearable Helmet

3D model description

Update 17/2/2016
thanks Maso27 for the input, he was right - the section above the ear needs to be more square instead of rounded like the Storm Trooper helmet. You can do this yourself with some putty when finishing if you've already made or started making it - but I will update the files for those who haven't. It's a minor detail but if you are trying to get screen-accurate, it's important :p

Update 16/2/2016
Full Helmet uploaded in one piece. Watermark added.

Well, as little time as Captain had on screen, it was a pretty cool outfit.
It took a while to get even close to being happy with the detailing on it... but even now I think it needs more, but at least what I learned from this I can go back and apply to the storm trooper helmet, most notably the cheek texturing.

Sizing and assembly Part numbers are in the images.

Pieces are cut to fit on a Replicator 2 or above print area.
No parts are over 20cm wide, no deeper than 14cm and no parts are over 14cm tall.

20 Parts, only 18 necessary. Parts 5 and 6 are optional visor inserts for display helmets.

The sizing on this should fit most heads, I scaled it to be just slightly bigger than the Ep7 first order helmet.

Happy printing and as always, may the force be with you.

No derivatives are to avoid others uploading copies and those being sold without disclaimer.

Created in blender in about 2-3 days slowly working on it. I took the original low poly start for my other Ep7 storm trooper helmet, cut it in half, mirrored it, shined all the details out, put the new ones, then stretched it and pulled it until it was as close to the shape as I could get.

The image below is what it looked like before it got detailed.

3D printing settings

Doesn't Matter


0.2 to 0.3

5% to 10%

I would use 2 shells myself at 0.2 or 0.3mm.
Nearly all the parts will print without support - with exception parts 3 & 4

Parts 3 and 4:
Don't flip them upsidown, I plated them the way they are will use very very little support. If you flip them, it will increase the print time by a couple hours and make a tonne of support - trust me.

  • 3D model format: ZIP


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